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This and That: Tubes, Rooney, and Other Bits and Bobs

August 26, 2013
  1. I’m happy Owen’s cold is abating.
  2. I’m grateful we were able to get the title transfer on Sissy’s car taken care of so quickly.
  3. I’m happy my VW is finally in one piece after having the side trim installed today. More on that shortly.

Back about a month and a half ago, after taking Owen to his doctor’s office for a follow-up appointment, Meg, Owen and I started heading the approximately one mile return home at the end of a week. We turned from our doctor’s office on Hamilton Street in Philadelphia onto 20th, heading toward home. As I made the turn, a jackass in a pickup truck decided to not check his mirrors and blindly pulled out, hitting the passenger side of the car.

(Fortunately, the unnamed idiot wasn’t going fast, so passengers Meg and Owen didn’t receive any damage, but the passenger side had a bit of damage from the front passenger-side door back through the back wheel well.)

Work was done fairly quickly and everything looked good — for about 24 hours, until the trim popped off the passenger-side door. I went back to the body shop, told them what the problem was, and waited for their call to say I could bring the car back.

The call came last week, and today I was finally able to take the car in to get the trim installed.

So I waited in the lobby, reading my Facebook feed and hanging out. Then I heard the receptionists chatting, dropping F-bombs and discussing their fantasy football leagues. One of the receptionists took a call. (Hopefully it was a personal call.) This is what I heard:

“Huh? No. No. No, no, no. I’m getting my tubes tied. Huh? No! I’m getting my tubes tied! I said … I said … NO! I’M GETTING MY TUBES TIED!”

I couldn’t look up. I didn’t want to see who would be getting said tubes tied.

Shortly thereafter I was told my trim was installed. I walked out quickly, checked the work, and got the f&$k out of there.

I was able to watch the Man United vs. Chelsea match, and, as expected, it ended in a scoreless draw. The star for United was none other than … Wayne Rooney? Yes, Wayne Rooney. He did all things that made him a favorite for the Old Trafford faithful, such as his work rate, good crosses, insightful passes that were properly weighted, and good link-up play with Robin Van Persie.

Now I hope United sell him to Chelsea.

Why? Because, regardless of how well he played today, he’s not work the headaches he provides. Just two years ago he complained he wasn’t paid enough and flirted with the idea of joining Manchester City. (You know how I feel about Manchester City and its fans.) Now he’s one of the highest paid soccer players in the world, but it’s still not enough. And, on top of that, he likes to hook up with prostitutes while his wife was pregnant.

United and Chelsea were reportedly due to discuss the transfer after tonight’s match. If it’s an offer of Juan Mata for Rooney, then I’m ready to sign off immediately. Unless, of course, Mata likes prostitutes, too. Then I’m not so sure.

Meg and I had a lovely date night Saturday, going to Sbraga in Center City Philadelphia. I tweeted a link to my post, showing what Meg and I had, and both Kevin Sbraga himself (@KSbraga) and manager Ben Fileccia (@BenFileccia) tweeted back their appreciation. This is the way to build your brand. Awesome product. Awesome service. Awesome experience. Meg and I were talking during dinner about the best meals we’ve had. I think Saturday’s is easily in the top five for me, personally. We’ll definitely be back to dine at Sbraga’s, and recommend that everyone else get out there too. The place makes everything with lots of awesomesauce.

I have a wingnut former coworker who would wince when I mentioned (to others; never to him) that Owen was due for vaccinations. One time he told me “You know, vaccinations cause autism.” Where I should have said, “Huh, that’s interesting,” instead I said “You know the research you’re siting was fabricated.” This caused said wingnut to go nuts. Seriously. He said people who vaccinate their children make him want to punch holes in the wall.

Over the weekend I read a story about the Texas church who preached against vaccination. This is what happened to them. If you still believe the idiocy that vaccines cause autism, read this. Then watch this:

Stop trying to cause spreads in whooping cough and measles and vaccinate your children. If you believe Jenny McCarthy and all her like-minded bullshit propagandists, then home school your children and keep them away from mine.

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