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This and That: Saturday Edition

August 17, 2013
  1. I’m grateful for the winning mentality Charlie Manuel brought to the Phillies, and for the 2008 World Series championship he led us to.
  2. I’m happy Sam Adams Octoberfest (one of my favorite beers) is available again.
  3. I’m grateful a friend has kept me in mind for some freelance work.

After yesterday’s post, a friend posted some pro-Man City invective on my Facebook feed. Anyone who knows me knows I’m United through and through, so I’m just left shaking my head.

Another friend relayed that her son’s soccer coach is also a United fan, and that she suggested her son ask the coach what City fans are like. I have my own idea of what I’d say in that situation. Here’s what I told her:

    “I might have said ‘Man City fans are like you and me, except their mommies and daddies are brothers and sisters. … And they don’t have souls.'”

That’s what I think of City.

This and That

  • Owen allowed me to watch Liverpool vs. Stoke City this morning, sort of. He was watching an episode of Thomas and Friends on my iPad, breaking away occasionally to grab a toy, or ask me to read him a book. I don’t like Liverpool, so I didn’t really mind. Simon Mingolet’s penalty save was a great way to cover up an incredibly shaky debut performance. Keep it up, Simon. I’d be thrilled to see some more shaky goalkeeping on Merseyside.
  • Charlie Manuel was fired as Philadelphia Phillies manager. Thanks for everything, Charlie. I’m glad Ryne Sandburg’s in charge. I hope he puts his foot in a few prima donas’ asses. And I hope GM Ruben Amaro is fired before he decimates our farm system anymore.
  • This video is AWESOMESAUCE:
  • And this video still gets me excited thinking about the way I’d like to think more often:

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