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Three Appreciations

August 24, 2013
  1. I’m happy Kevin Sbraga has a kick-ass restaurant within three miles of our house, which Meg and I enjoyed on our date.
  2. I’m grateful my parents could watch Owen.
  3. I’m happy to have discovered “the Aviator,” which might be my new favorite dinner drink.

Meg and I had an awesome date. I’m drunk, so this will just list what we ate.

First Course:
Foie gras soup with rose petal relish.
Pressed pork belly with chili oil, sea lettuce and cucumber.

Second Course:
Whole wheat ramen with smoked carrots and miso broth.
Grilled octopus with piri piri, green beans and tapenade.

Third Course:
Meatloaf with aligot potatoes, garbonzos and hazelnut.
Rigatoni with lamb sugo, smoked ricotta and duck fat brioche crumbs.

Dirt pudding with homemade gummy worms.
Key lime pie.

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