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Football Friday: First Matchup With ‘The Special One’

August 23, 2013
  1. I’m grateful the Phillies are showing some spunk.
  2. I’m happy I’ve put together Owen’s new toy box, and no one got hurt.
  3. I’m happy Owen did a good job wishing Stewart a happy birthday.

Monday, Man United face Chelsea and their newly returned manager, “the special one,” Jose Mourinho. Chelsea and their fans seem thrilled, and the team has started off the season with two wins (a 2-0 win over Hull, and a 2-1 victory over Aston Villa in a feisty encounter).

Things are awful cheery in West London.

Apparently, Chelski fans have forgotten Mourinho, not too long ago, had his heart set on following Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford. (No matter what denials he presents, we all know it’s true, Jose.)

(For the record, I still would have preferred to see Ole Gunnar Solskjaer get the job, but that’s just me.)

On television tomorrow (to be watched by Owen and I, if he cooperates again) is Arsenal vs. Fulham, followed by Southampton vs. Sunderland on NBCSportsNetwork (alloneword), and topped off by Aston Villa vs. Liverpool on NBC.

My thoughts on each match:

Arsenal vs. Fulham: Arsenal sucks. And trying to unsettle Newcastle United’s second best player will not make them better. (Seriously, Yohan Cabaye is not the answer, Gooner fans.)

Southampton vs. Sunderland: I’m looking forward to seeing Jozy Altidore in the Premier League, for real this time. I think the U.S.’s best hope for the World Cup will have a real impact this year. Just score goals, Jozy.

Villa vs. Liverpool: I think Villa are on the upswing, and can’t see how Liverpool has so much cache this season. Brendan Rodgers might not be as good as he thinks. They have one good player (Coutinho), one psychopath (Luis Suarez), and a bunch of guys who are either too old (I’m looking at you, Gerard and Toure) or just not good enough (I’m looking at you, Mignolet, Jordan Henderson and Joe Allen). Plus, I despise Liverpool. Not as much as Manchester City, but I despise them nonetheless.

Happy watching, fellow soccer fans.

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