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Pump Watch: A Contender Has Entered the Picture

September 29, 2013
  1. I’m happy Lane Kiffin got what was coming to him after he screwed the Tennessee Volunteers those years ago. What goes around comes around. 
  2. I’m grateful Owen received a clean bill of health from his doctor Friday. 
  3. I’m happy we don’t have much going on and get to have a fairly lazy Sunday


As I’ve said before, I’m going to make a big change and switch to insulin pump therapy, just as soon as I can find the right pump for me. 


It seems the first contender made its appearance late last week. 


(Full disclosure: I did some freelance content strategy for one of the insulin pump manufacturers.)


Medtronic’s 530G with Enlite insulin pump and coordinated continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system (really rolls off the tongue) finally received FDA approval Friday, meaning the first closed-loop system that mimics an operational pancreas is now available. 


I know, what you probably read was “Blah blah blah blah blah blah pancreas blab blah blah.”


What the system does is, if the CGM notices your blood sugar is getting too low, it signals the pump to stop sending insulin. 


This is HUGE. 


One of the greatest fears for a diabetic is having an insulin shock, whereby the body’s receiving too much insulin, eating too much sugar, rendering the diabetic more or less incoherent, sweaty and a general mess. 


Insulin shocks suck, and the 530G could really limit them, if not eliminate them altogether. 


I am throwing down the gauntlet to Animas, OmniPod and Dexcom. (As well as Tandem Diabetes and all the other pump/CGM manufacturers out there.) Tell me why your devices are better than Medtronic’s. Why should I wait for you? How will my life be improved by using your devices over what’s available now?


Also, Medtronic, I’m challenging you. Pump therapy is expensive. How are you going to make me want to move now, instead of waiting a little while to see what other closed-loop systems will be coming on the market that may be more cost-effective for me. 


Bring your big guns, guys, because I don’t impress easily. 



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