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This Is the Price of Being a Fan

September 28, 2013
  1. I’m happy for the beautiful Spring-like weather we have today. 
  2. I’m grateful Meg and I were able to attend our friend Rabia’s going-away party last night, as she prepares for her move to Brooklyn. 
  3. I’m happy we also got to experience Nan Zhou Hand-Drawn Noodle House last night for dinner. It was awesome. 
Well, this season has not started well for Manchester United. 

I was able to watch the first half on my iPad, and thought there were a lot of opportunities to go ahead. I missed the second half, though, as Meg and I took Owen out for lunch. The TV at the restaurant was tuned in to the Man City v. Aston Villa match, and saw the loss by City, dropping the game 3-2 to Villa. 

Then NBCSportsNetwork (alloneword) switched to the United v. West Brom match, which, shockingly, West Brom were leading 2-1. This, of courses, is on the heels of a demoralizing 4-1 thumping at the hands of City last Sunday. 
This is not what we’ve come to expect from United, but I’ve seen it before. I was a fan of United when they weren’t winning anything in the early 1980s. I was a fan when they started the season in the relegation zone in 1986, causing the firing of Big Ron Atkinson and the intro of Sir Alex Ferguson. I was a fan in his early years, when United were a mid–table side, but the groundwork was being laid for the success we experienced over the past 20 years. 
And I’m still a fan of United; in fact, I always will be.
I think David Moyes deserves time to build his team. I am, however, going to offer some suggestions on how to improve the team right now. 
Send Ashley Young away, forever. He’s a crap player, has had a total of about four good games over the past three years, and obviously isn’t good enough for United. 
Get Leighton Baines in at the January transfer window, no matter what the cost. Patrice Evra isn’t good enough anymore, and he’s not getting any younger. His replacement for today’s game, Alex Buttner, is crap. 
Just blood Adnan Januzaj right away and let him make the left wing his own for the next 10 years. (This, of course, is assuming he’s smart enough to sign the contract extension he’s reportedly been offered.)
Say see you later to Tony V., Anderson, and Shinji Kagawa. It’s obvious Moyes doesn’t rate Kagawa, so get him on his way in January and let’s just put this one in the rear view mirror. 
This season’s start is reflecting all of the other teams we support in the Hegarty household; the Eagles are rebuilding; the Sixers are “Riggin’ for Wiggins;” the Phillies have just ended their most disappointing season in about 10 years and have a moron as their general manager; the Flyers have yet another starting goalie coming in, as well as one of the lowest rated minor league systems in all of the NHL; the Union might make the MLs playoffs, but their ability to score goals leaves a lot to be desired. 
But if there’s anything that I can teach Owen, let it be that we are not bandwagon jumpers. We are the fans when the teams are succeeding, but we’re also fans when things aren’t going well, too. That’s why, when success returns and our teams achieve our dreams (see: World Series champions 2008), we’re allowed to feel a little more pride since we were there all along. 
Anyone who wants to ditch United, the Eagles, the Sixers, the Flyers, the Phils or the Union, feel free to. I’ll be happy to tell you to kiss my ass when you want back on the bandwagon. 

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