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My Gi and Me

August 21, 2013
  1. I’m grateful the final piece of trim is in to complete the bodywork on our car, which a moron recently hit.
  2. I’m happy Owen learned how to bounce on the bed. (Seriously, it’s right up there with him learning how to jump in terms of cuteness.)
  3. I’m happy Alex is coming to clean the house today.

As many of my friends know, I trained at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school for about two years, from 2008-2010. It was (I kid you not) the best workout regime I’ve ever had the opportunity to enjoy.

I stopped training after starting a new job, and just wasn’t able to trek out to the burbs, as the class time meant I’d get home after 8 p.m., and even though I love Fairmount, I hate the parking here. (One night, after finishing a class at 9 p.m., I returned home but couldn’t find parking until after 11 p.m. Parking is really a problem in Fairmount.) I just couldn’t make the early classes, and couldn’t justify being out until all hours when I wanted to attend the night classes.

Since I stopped training, I’ve had the joys of marriage, parenthood, and a sedentary lifestyle that have combined to see me return to my prior roly poly form, but I’m looking forward to getting back and training again.

What brings these reminiscences out, you ask? I had the opportunity to drive out to the burbs and passed by my old school, which sparked the thoughts about training again, and actually planted some seeds in my subconscious, which got my dreams going last night. (Disclosure: My dream had me confronted by a belligerent prick, forcing me to take him down and choke him unconscious. I awoke with a smile.)

The last time I stopped by the gym, I talked to the owner briefly, who greeted me with “You’re getting fat.” (I didn’t have a retort, as I am, in fact, getting pretty chubby.) I’ve thought about joining other gyms, as the distance was the main reason I had to stop attending, but there’s a real sense of family and loyalty ingrained in the training,

When anyone asks me about jiu-jitsu, what it was like and why I enjoyed it so much, lately I’ve thought of the video of Joe Rogan when he earned his black belt in jiu-jitsu, and some of his comments: “People who train in jiu-jitsu are healthier people because they face reality on a regular basis.”

I miss you, jiu-jitsu. I think about you often, and can’t wait to see you again.

(Again, full disclosure: I only earned my blue belt, and am aware of the huge amount I had to learn. In addition, I’m also aware of the amount I’d have to relearn, and the level of fitness I’d have to get back to. I am not saying I was a badass or a tough guy, because I was/am not. However, jiu-jitsu gives a strength and self confidence few other disciplines can provide. I’m lucky I got to train, I’m lucky I got to learn from the people I did, and I’m lucky I got to train with the people I did.)

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