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My Neighborhood Is Best: Boathouse Row

August 19, 2013
  1. I’m grateful my friend Reed organizes a quarterly blood drive at National Mechanics, and, even though I didn’t get the word out the way I should have, I was able to contribute.
  2. I’m grateful Owen got his first Donegal football jersey. (Thanks, Rose. Pictures to come.).
  3. I’m happy we live in, I think, the best neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Owen's Ready for Our WalkI love Fairmount. What’s so great about it, you ask? Great, friendly neighbors. Great, historical attractions. Great dining (when we’re able to take advantage). There are tons of reasons, but the reason I love Fairmount today is because of the fun walk Owen and I took on Boathouse Row yesterday.

Our course from home takes us down Fairmount Avenue, toward the Philadelphia Museum of Art (photo shown is the view from Kelly Drive, not the iconic view from the Benjamin Franklin Parkway made famous by Rocky), and the museum’s Perelman Annex Building.

We got across Pennsylvania Avenue and Kelly Drive, heading past the museum’s azalea gardens, mindful to stay to the right so as not to get in the way of all the runners and bikers, and also to not get hit by any of the traffic on the Drive.
20130819-165426.jpgPerelman AnnexAzalea Garden

From here, we passed the Waterworks, and onto Boathouse Row.

It all finished up with a view of the Schuylkill River, and a rower, which Owen always enjoys. (It always gets him singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat.)

(Full disclosure: The Schuylkill River stinks. Seriously, it’s disgusting.)

After a couple minutes to take in the sites, we returned home. A nice walk, some beautiful sights, and we’re the lucky ones because we live here.

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