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Danny for Top Chef

August 14, 2013
  1. I’m grateful for Top Chef Masters.
  2. I’m happy we have beautiful weather for the foreseeable future.
  3. I’m grateful the U.S. came back to beat a pretty good Bosnia-Herzegovina team, 4-3, in a friendly.

As I said, I enjoy Top Chef Masters. I also like the parent program, Top Chef, and have watched every episode in the program’s history.

In tonight’s episode, in the quick fire challenge, a radio program director from L.A., who judged the contestants on their ability to make curry in a very short amount of time. As he was critiquing the chefs (who are all really, really impressive chefs with incredible pedigrees), the chefs — who were watching on closed circuit TV, were rolling their eyes, thinking “Who the f$&k does this guy think he is?”

At the same time, I thought, “Who the f$&k does this guy think he is?” Really. It’s absurd for that clown to have been brought in. At one point, Meg asked, “Who is this guy, and what qualifies him to judge them?” I replied, “He’s a program director, baby.”

Anyway, I’ve been trying to talk my friend, best man, and best chef I know Danny (also a former roommate) to apply to be on Top Chef since the beginning of the series. He has no interest (he cooks for love of the game), but said I can enter him, if he doesn’t have to do anything in the process.

I might have to start plotting to get my boy on the show so he can teach America what cheffing is all about. I’m open to suggestions about how to put his application together. Any ideas, leave a comment below, or email me at

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