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Finding Even More Happiness

August 7, 2013


I started reading Shawn Achor’s book “The Happiness Advantage,” and it’s got me thinking about some changes for my life.

First off, I consider myself a very happy person. I have a wonderful wife, the world’s best (and smartest) son, and family and friends who love me and whom I love a great deal. I try to not sweat the small stuff, and, even though my job search has hit some rough patches, I know I’m a lucky man, and I sleep well at night.

Achor’s book states that a brain operating in a positive mood and mindset operates better than a brain in negative, neutral or stressed. Seems pretty straightforward, but I looked back over my career and thought about the times I was happy, and how that success and happiness would make me want to strive for different, higher or more-difficult-to-achieve goals. That is moving your brain into a negative or stressed mindset by adding new stresses and strains. (He also did a TED speech about the subject, and it’s pretty awesome.)

He goes on to talk about how happiness turns on dopamine production in the brain, stimulating all of the learning centers, and offers five ways to increase positivity and happiness:

  • Write down three things you’re grateful for each day, for 21 days
  • Journaling
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Random acts of kindness

I thought, I can do this, so I’m using this forum to help out, in the journaling portion. I think exercise will be the most difficult thing to start up again, but I’m grateful to still be able to exercise as I want, when I want. (For the most part, at least.)

Anyway, I’m grateful for my wife. I’m grateful for my son. And I’m grateful our cleaner is coming today.

I also have an interview coming up, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work again.

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