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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

November 5, 2013

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. In light of this, I’m taking the time to highlight and acknowledge the most important tools I have available to help me care for my diabetes.

It’s not the Lantus or Novolog; the Freestyle Lite or the OneTouch Ultra 2 (both of which I’ve had to within the past year, as damnable insurance companies keep preferring different ones at different times) test meters; not the Multibetic vitamins nor the swabs or any other necessities I use every day.

The most important tool that helps me keep control – and very good control at that – over my diabetes is the family and friends who have learned to recognize when I need help.

To my family and friends, I say thank you. (Even though I usually don’t say thank you at the time.)

Specifically, thanks go to my wonderful, beautiful wife, Megan, who’s learned to key on little things that I do when my sugar’s dropping. Just the other day my sugar happened to be dropping a little. (Note: It’s the first time that’s happened in a while.) Meg walked in with a VitaminWater and said “Drink this. I think your sugar’s getting low.”

I was thinking about how I was going to contradict her and argue that she didn’t know what she was talking about when I noticed sweat on my forehead and realized, “You know what? She’s right. Drink the damn drink, and shut up.” I then told her I was drinking it just to humor her, and not because my sugar was getting low.

My parents also deserve a whole lot of recognition for putting up with two diabetics who thought they knew everything while I was growing up. (My brother, Jim, was also diabetic, and also could be accused of believing he knew everything.) As with everything else, they were always there to help out when help was needed, and that includes instilling in me the knowledge that I’m responsible to care for myself. If I get to be half the person either of my parents are, then I’ll have achieved a lot.

 And, of course, there are the friends who have provided countless candy bars and glasses of orange juice over the years. Some did this out of pure kindness. Others did it so they could hold it over my head. (They didn’t remain my friends for long.)

I recall one time, at work, my sugar crashed and friends Tom, Adam and Joe sprung into action. Tom hit the vending machine and got me a chocolate bar. A dark chocolate bar, in fact. 

After eating the candy, I slowly started coming back into the present and regaining my faculties. The first thing I said, of course, was “I hate dark chocolate.” (I can really be a jerk sometimes.)

 Some of you haven’t heard how much I’ve appreciated your help. I hope you can hear it now, as I’m saying thank you a million times over. 

As it is National Diabetes Awareness Month, I was asked last month by the blog American Recall Center what one thing I thought people should know about diabetes. They also asked several other bloggers what they thought and made this infographic

Also polled were talented diabetes bloggers Six Until Me, Lotta Latte, Probably Rachel, Type 1 Rider, The GD Diaries, Finger Prickin’ Good, Diathlete, The Blue Heel Society and Diabetic Foodie

Also, a shout out to Diabetes Mine for spreading the word about this awesome post.

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