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Will Work for Food

July 22, 2013

In the past, my terms of unemployment have coincided with some periods when I’ve been in desperate need of time; when my brother, Jim, got sick; when Meg and I were really getting to know each other; when Owen was young.

Now, I’m just unemployed. Owen’s in daycare, so I can’t say I’m getting to take advantage of all my free time by seeing him more.

For anyone who asks, “Why are you paying for daycare when you’re out of work, idiot?” I say, we’d lose our spot if we were to take him out, and as soon as we did that, I’d probably get a job offer.

(Only part of that was for the purpose of stroking my ego.)

Anyway, I was just told I was being passed over for another candidate, for the second time in a couple weeks. I was far more optimistic about this opportunity than the other, and it feels like more of a kick in the teeth this time.

I realize now, my current job is Job Searcher. Hopefully I’ll get a promotion soon.

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